MeG offers psychosocial care and integrated psychotherapy as part of the integration aid of SGB IX.

We support migrants from the age of 18 who are not born in Germany and need professional help and culturally sensitive offerings to deal with their mental health problems.
Many of our clients are refugees who have experienced trauma in their home countries or while fleeing.
The people we look after live in their own apartment or in dormitories.
Flats supported by the agency are currently not available.

Every client receives support from a social worker and can receive psychotherapeutic treatment as needed. Among other things, our licensed psychotherapists are familiar with techniques in the treatment of trauma disorders.
Social care and psychotherapeutic treatment can, if necessary, be offered in collaboration with linguistic and cultural mediators.

We work closely with lawyers, doctors and counselling centres. In addition to individual care, we offer various group activities as well as psychoeducational groups.
In order to stabilise the psychological and physical health of our clients, we help them explore and use the Berlin help system and help develop a satisfactory life perspective in Germany.

We offer support

  • through social workers,
  • through certified trauma therapists
  • through linguistic and cultural mediators

Joint activities:

  • Cooking
  • Trips
  • Cultural events
  • Sports and movement groups
  • Language café
  • Orientation training in Berlin
  • Psychoeducational group

You will be looked after by:

  • Social workers
  • Psychotherapists
  • Linguistic and cultural mediators.